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Tickling Thought

Hello again...
It's not been a month yet in the new year, but many things happened and changed recently.
What's that?
Start from my self-recovery after the surgery and my profession which is way different now.
Oh yeees, a big change is that I'm no longer working for my company, and I'd love to tell that I'm currently a full-time housewife which means that my whole time will be dedicated to my house and my husband.
he he he... guess so.

Being a housewife has given me much time to enjoy and to think..
But, actually its kinda hard to spare my time and thought to post a new blog because I need something bothering or tickling to be written..
Theenn.. a thought came into mind while I was showering.
Yes, I reckoned my last nite chit-chat with a best friend of mine which more likely talking about self-appreciation or self-satisfaction.

Well, I know that people have been gifted "mind" making them think, feel, perceive things with their own way.
Yes, people think d…

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